Election Day 2017 - What Can We Learn and Where Do We Go From Here? | Episode 68

November 15, 2017

Election Day 2017 - In this episode of The Great Battlefield podcast Nathaniel Pearlman chats with people involved in the 2017 election about lessons learned and where we go from here. Guests include Catherine Vaughn, Flippable; Gaby Goldstein, Sister District; Will Robinson, New Media Firm; Sayu Bhojwani, New American Leaders; Stu Trevelyan, NGP VAN; Yoni Landau, Rapid Resist; Erin Vilardi, Vote Run Lead; Emma Brown, Wendy Gooditis for Delegate; Cortney Tunis, Pantsuit Nation; Alex Viskupic, Dante Tanner for Delegate; Heidi Sieck, #VOTEPROCHOICE; A’Shanti Gholar, Emerge America; Betsy Hoover, Higher Ground Labs; Sang Peruri, Voter Circle; Gerard Niemira, Groundgame; Michael Frias, Catalist; Alfred Johnson, Mobilize America.