President Trump and the Republican majority are a threat that requires resistance. The daily assault on progressive policies and democratic norms leaves people overwhelmed and unsure of which issue is the most under threat on any given day.

People want to fight back, but many do not know how to direct their energies. Since Trump’s election a historic number of women and men have marched in resistance and thousands have organized, made calls, protested, fought for policy preferences, visited town halls, provided legal aid, created new groups and technologies and compiled lists of suggestions for resistance and found numerous other ways to take action all across the country. There is an exciting level of political entrepreneurship taking place in response to the great political battle is being fought right now.

Resistance Dashboard is a visual advocacy platform that serves to bring focus to the fights ahead. It seeks to become a comprehensive clearinghouse for information about which policies and institutions are under what degree of attack. We aim to bring together in one well-designed dashboard the leading organizations and entrepreneurs in the fight, along with the many new technological tools, calls to action, suggestions for donations, and events that are taking place through this surge in political innovation. Our platform aims to help those who want to resist find ways to be more informed and more effective.

Through The Great Battlefield, a regularly posted podcast, we highlight and amplify the entrepreneurial nature of the driving forces behind the political battle is being fought right now. We see political entrepreneurs as people who were so affected by a political event, in this case the election of Trump, that they felt compelled to found a new political organization, or engineer an innovative political technology, or write an impassioned blog or book or article or act like a political venture capitalist and decide what political organizations are most effective and need human and financial capital.

The Great Battlefield amplifies the groups we are highlighting on the dashboard. The podcast it is an opportunity for people to learn from the people who excited about democracy and are leading through political entrepreneurship in different forms.

We are constantly looking to our audience and compiling your input on resistance options to improve how we can all resist.

Resistance Dashboard Team:

Nathaniel G. Pearlman founded Resistance Dashboard after the 2016 Presidential election. Nathaniel has a long history of connecting progressive politics and technology. In 1997, he founded NGP Software, Inc. (now known as NGP VAN) a 200-person company that is the leading technology provider to the Democratic Party. He served as CTO of the Hillary 2008 Presidential campaign. He also founded Graphicacy, a firm that helps organizations tell complex stories in visual form, and Timeplots, which creates information graphic products.

Josh Nerpel is a senior Democratic strategist with more than a decade of non-profit and for-profit management and campaign experience. Current clients include Shareblue Media, a progressive digital media company, where Josh serves as Director of Outreach, and to which he was the founding COO. Josh is also currently the Director of Operations for Graphicacy, a data visualization and web development firm. Past experience includes the PeaceWorks Foundation and OneVoice, a multi-national non-profit where Josh served Executive Director and COO and Securing America’s Future Energy and the Electrification Coalition, where he served as Director of Operations. Political campaign experience includes national advance and overseeing visual communications for Hillary Clinton as a Presidential candidate, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama in Presidential and candidate capacities, Joe Biden in Vice-Presidential and candidate capacities, and Joe Lieberman in Senatorial and candidate capacities.

Resistance Dashboard is supported by a team of advisors with experience across the progressive space, bringing together a unique team of people with unparalleled experience in data visualization, digital media, advocacy, national and local politics, organizing and progressive partnerships.